Volunteering & Outreach

Many of our residents lead active lives within their families and communities. Interdependence has always been part of the mountain lifestyle, and this spans onto the Givens Highland Farms campus. Residents find ready outlets for their skills on campus, as well as in the surrounding community, where civic organizations, churches and schools provide a hearty welcome.

Many residents find volunteering within Givens Highland Farms and in the broader community a rewarding and valuable contribution.

Volunteering Opportunities

Our residents are committed to touching the lives of others by:
  • Volunteering at the local food bank
  • Visiting with other residents in higher levels of care
  • Mentoring children in local schools
  • Becoming Givens Highland Farms ambassadors
  • Serving with a local church or non-profit organization
  • Local garden clubs
  • Theater and museums
  • Providing fuel assistance for winter heat