Givens Highland Farms residents come from all walks of life and have lived all over the United States and internationally. The broad range of interests and experiences of our nearly 400 residents enrich life within the community and beyond.

Our differences and experiences enrich us and make Givens Highland Farms far more than a mere place to live. The variety and harmony found among our residents make Givens Highland Farms a community in every sense of the word.

Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision are shown in every decision we make at Highland Farms.

Our mission statement is "Improving lives through communities, services, and outreach." Our vision statement is "Expanding the possibilities for aging."

Our Values

Our core values are commitment, caring, courage and collaboration.


  • To deliver quality care and services
  • To provide professional leadership
  • To embrace the highest values and practices of the Christian faith
  • To develop communities and services for economically diverse populations


  • To demonstrate respect, compassion, and selflessness
  • To act at the highest levels of ethical behavior, financial responsibility, and fair dealing
  • To provide charitable care and affordable housing with support services


  • To be inclusive and a place where people feel welcomed, valued and respected
  • To be creative and innovative
  • To take risks and overcome obstacles
  • To do what is right and take action


  • To faithfully partner with the United Methodist Church
  • To forge partnerships which enhance our ability to achieve the organization’s mission and to share knowledge, skills and resources